First Light


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Scraping the skyscrapers Searchlight, the nightshade Facing a great danger Words find the right place Cement - the scent of the night Screens scream existence Decay Force Hong Kong
The Fact 03:27
Diverging concerns, yearning for certain words You said you can't do this anymore I ignored the fact, and you came back Shared experience, relationship obedience You said you can't go on like this I ignored the fact, and you came back Deviating future visions, honesty by omission You said you're done with me I ignored the fact, and that's that
Touch the ceiling Never come down Higher, higher Never come down Touch the sun Never come down Touch her hand Never come down Touch her shame Never come down Never come down Never ever
Is it a drug or am I insane?
Hey Now! 04:14
Monkey wild on drunken style Everything looks bigger and better Ey, I go with you or you with me Don't make us pretend or act up Hey now! Sleep in and stay Hey now! Wake up and go Next time we meet Quick glance, shy smile We know this beat Just wait a while, wait a while
Killing the King, kill him! Time to hang him high up Kill him!
Wong Story 06:26
In this day and age When all is lost But most don't see the blade That's hidden in their gown When they accept their crown Parading military madness Gleaming in the sun Sheathed steel and kevlar To destroy the evil one Time flies Happy Days Long lives Golden age Don't forget where you came from This is why the story's wrong But who are we to judge Who deserves the final blow They who judge bury the dead A hundred millionfold


Jet Dongguo
guitar, sequencer, synth, backing vocals

Nicolas Wong
lead vocals, sequencer, synth

Zhang Yi
bass, sequencer, synth, backing vocals, engineering

Equipment Used: Roland MC 50, Roland R8, Roland VS8, Clavia Nordlead 2, bass, guitar, mic.

These songs were recorded in a 2-day session in the end of May 2014. The bonus track was recorded in fall 2014.

Mastering by Chris McCormack for Blacklisted Mastering, UK.

All songs by DFHK.


released April 20, 2016




DFHK Hong Kong

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